Eight Years Old, Still a Class Video

Cliff Baker, a class act in everything he does…..and his video from eight years ago certainly need watching again and again GREAT editing Greatstone UK Nov 2010 from Cliff Baker on Vimeo. Testing out the different mount configurations of the Gopro HD camera. Roll bar mount, small dia tube mount, flat adhesive mount, kite line […]

Video of the Week – Muoich – More beach of Dossen

The essence of kite buggy fun, Thank you for sharing Guillaume KiteBuggy


Great video that captures the essence of kite buggy racing, great editing Mark Coombs, and drone work by Ian Lloyd PKA ROUND ONE BREAN SANDS 2018 from Mark Coombs on Vimeo.

RedSkyHorison is Back – Video of the Week

Super Tracks – Kite Buggying with Gopro Fusion 360 camera Of course, I had to ask Tom aka RedSkyHorizon, how he made this brilliant and as usual video, he was very forthcoming as always with his knowledge. Thanks Tom, its always great to see my old Dominator Buggy in your videos and in your capable […]

Video of the Week

Tutorial on the implementation of a manual or auto-width jumper for the pilots of sand yachting (Buggy). This system developed by Rico (the inventor) remains artisanal. It consists of several elements sold separately but whose subtle assembly ensures its own safety

New World Landboard Speed Record – Thierry Collado

Many many congratulations to Thierry for this outstanding new Record Kite: Boost 7sqm by Flysurfer Kiteboarding Board: X-Race by X-Shape Location: La Franqui Playground: Drylake Land Speed Records 61.90mph / 99.62kmh Today Feb 18 2018 was awesome in La Franqui, I broke my personal best! I really didn’t expected this because there was still standing […]

Rulof Maker Builds A Kite Buggy From Scrap

…..and gets up some great speed, inspirational….there’s always a way to have fun In this video tutorial, i will show you how to make a simple kite buggy using things that I found in the junkyard.the cost of this buggy is only 60$ for the tyres but all the remaining components i was able to […]

New Buggy hits the Sand by Maarten de Graauw

Introducing the MG EDGE Check it out

Well, its been Windy and Christian manages 112km/h – 69.59mph

Well done to Christian Steffens G2398 for upping his PB again to 112km/h – 69.59mph, using a 2.7m Z3 Congratulations Christian, you are now the sharing the fastest record in a kite buggy on the Beach and Bigfoot tyres with Dennis Aalbers and Stephan van Bommel  Christian Steffens is now joint fastest buggier in the […]

24hrs of IBX 2017

A 24 hour montage of Ivanpah dry lake bed during IBX 2017 and the storm that ensued. thanks to HQ Kites & Designs USA

Video of the Week- Icebuggy

Some great footage here on the ice from from Daniel Lü | Icebuggy | THF-Kiter at the Rangsdorfer See | Feb. 2017 | Germany from Daniel Lü on Vimeo. We love Icebuggy ! On 28th January we went to the Rangsdorfer lake just south of Berlin. We ha a couple of weeks temperatures below 0 […]

VOTW – Buggy kite – Land & Sky sessions

It’s been a while, but this video is worthy of being Video of the Week by Buzef

Video of the Week – PKA April 2016 (DC Edition)

Another superb video from Steve Warren PKA April 2016 (DC Edition) from Steve Warren on Vimeo.

Video of the Week – CC Lauf SPO 26 9 2015

What a great video, thank you Lars for sharing

Video of the Week – Easter at Pembrey 2015

Its been a while for anything to really catch my eye, This one is from 2015, I love the feel good factor of the video by Russell Oakley Winters, it just makes you want to get out on the beach and have some buggy fun

Borkum Buggy Blast – Sonic FR & Chrono @ the final races 2015 – Video of the Week

Modern Depower Race Kites in action during the 4th and final Race weekend of the German Kitebuggy Championships 2015 on Borkum. Feast your eyes on this remarkable video from Yannick Schwickert Borkum Buggy Blast – Sonic FR & Chrono @ the final races 2015 from Yannick Schwickert on Vimeo. Guntram Leibrock ( made it to […]

No Barriers 2015 – Video of the Week

Great video here, filmed and produced by Steve Warren, this video captures the essence of a great weekend with an equally great bunch of land sailing folk. The organisers once again have pulled out all the stops to make this years event and all future events THE ONE TO GO TO….excellent.   PTWs PHOTOS FROM […]