Tom Mulligan Pushing the Limits Again

My deepest apologies for arriving late to the party! Tom uploaded this groundbreaking video in July 2022, and unbelievably, I’ve only just stumbled upon this masterpiece. Tom, aka RedSkyHorizon, has always been a trailblazer in the world of kite buggying, especially when it comes to squeezing every last mph from his kite and buggy. His incredible videos have captivated and inspired us all.

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Tom for many years. He is the proud owner of the legendary Dominator 4 kite buggy, the last buggy I meticulously crafted for myself. No one was more thrilled than I was when Tom took the reins and pushed it to its ultimate limits. His collection of beautiful buggies is awe-inspiring, and in this video, he showcases his Sysmic S3 kite buggy, crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum—a true marvel of engineering.

Tom, thank you for consistently raising the bar and for being a beacon of inspiration to generations of kite buggiers. Your passion, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence continue to elevate our sport to new heights.

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