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Bobby Muse Continues to Climb

My good friend Bobby Muse continues his quest to rise in the Elite Buggiers Rankings, he has just upped his PB to 65.60mph Well, it’s been a fantastic April and May on Ivanpah.  I’ve had 4 sessions with multiple runs breaking 60 mph, but no PB for me till today. Winds were forecast to be […]

Video of the Week – Les “Wet” Heures Des “Wind” Hemmes 2014

Klaus has tried a long time to make Video of the Week on this site, well today Klaus, I am pleased to say you have made it, well done.

The H-Bomb

You may remember David Hobbs, and his previous buggy, the advanced and most expensive production buggy in the world in 2012. Well, David took all the critique from various people around the world and went back to the drawing board. In 2014 David has now introduce from the Hobbs – McConaghy team The “H Bomb” THE […]

THREE More Break the 100km/h Barrier

Massive congratulations to not one but THREE new 100+km/h riders  Dennis Aalbers 107.00km/h, Michael Horst G1723 103.36km/h Hermann Nocke 104.00km/h well done guys Photos via facebook

Buggying, on Another Level

When these two experts in a race buggy hit the beach, you will always be in for a spectacular show Ozone kites Gt-race Libre Gt-race, Landsegler