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My Bugging Days are Over, For Now

It has been a while since I have written a personal log in this blog, and today I have chosen to formally let you know, that I have now officially finished with my kite buggying. I have also stopped completely building buggies. Let me explain the reasons behind these decisions, Firstly building buggies, as you […]

kite buggy compilation, Trips and Tips

Hi There is a new television program in Holland called Trips and Tips , it informs you in all kind of interesting places and activities … We had the opportunity to take part in this first episode . Its Dutch so … you probably don’t understand but I think you know what’s going on ……… […]

Ozzy Slides into the Number 2 Spot

Check out Ozzy blasting to 93.00km/h on the ice at 2.40 mins, using a 2.7m Vapor     Thanks to William Pelgrim for the onboard footage.   Ice Buggy Records  

Freestylers…..get ready

The Xxtreme Camp are on the verge of a long awaited new freestyle buggy, Flexifoil have dominated this market virtually since buggies became airborne Prices will be announced very soon so keep checking the website for the latest details Good luck with the Basixx guys, it looks to me like a real contender for the […]

Inside Buggy Pilots

Ever wondered on how some pilots got to the stage they are now?, ever wondered when you see a pilot, what their very first buggy was? Well this is a Brand New side bar category, so keep checking back as this will grow and grow with some of the sports most colourful, prominent and skilled pilots […]