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Video of The Week

     M&S VII (IN YOUR FACE) Three days of hardcore kitebuggy shootings pushed the bodies of Dirix Mano and Stephan van Bommel over the limits, “we are broken”. The shootings for the ever continuing M&S series will hit you harder “in your face” than ever. Get yourself ready and be prepared!!!!!! Special thanks to: […]

Merry Christmas Kite Buggiers Around the World

Video of the Week- AoxomoxoA

When Kieron Jansch puts his mind to something, rest assured he always does it to the best of his ability, we know him as probably the best custom kite maker in the world, and more recently his videos and film making have been jaw dropping, as far as I am concerned Kieron sets the standard. […]

Avoid Serious Head Trauma-Always Wear a Helmet

Any helmet is better than nothing at all, don’t be a fool and try bugging without some form of head protection, its just not worth it. Generally you get what you pay for as with most things, I choose these days to wear Icaro Helmets, super lightweight used by Wingsuit and Paraglider Pilots.

Kitebuggy and Facebook

Sep 2016 PTW, just keeping the community together through the social medium of Facebook……join us Kites and Buggies FOR SALE/WANTED This fast growing Facebook group with over 4.8k members and growing rapidly, is fast becoming THE place to look for some great gear, much of this gear coming from top European racers, meaning top quality […]

Britta Berg G2296 Worlds Fastest Female Buggier Breaks 50mph

Only a week has gone by when Britta became the worlds fastest female kite buggier with a 80.10km/h, now she has raised the bar again to 81.50km/h or 50.64mph Britta Berg G2296 The First Woman to Break 50mph in the World 81.50km/h – 50.64mph