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Sep 2016

PTW, just keeping the community together through the social medium of Facebook……join uscracked_facebook_logo

Kites and Buggies FOR SALE/WANTED

  • This fast growing Facebook group with over 4.8k members and growing rapidly, is fast becoming THE place to look for some great gear, much of this gear coming from top European racers, meaning top quality kit for much lower prices, or just looking for your very first buggy…post a request in this group and you will get offers…note:- as this is a global site, it may be a good idea to mention if you live outside Europe, re shipping prices.

Kite Buggying Records & Personal Bests

  • Well, if you break a World Record, as well as this website the home of kite bugging records, it will also be announced in this Facebook group 359 members

UK Kite Buggying Meets 

  • Planning on a little meet with a few friends, creating a big event or just nipping to the beach with some friends…mention it in this group and you may get some company to join in the fun with 604 members in this new group so far, bugging on your own may be a thing of the past.

PTW Buggies – Think Outside The Box

  • This is a Page holds mainly my buggies, and things I am working on etc, as the buggy making will probably come to a close for me during 2014, I will still continue to help the buggy community with modifications, one off buggy parts and repairs, these will often end up on this page. please feel free to ‘Like’ the page.

Your Favourite Kite Buggying Photos

  • We have all got that one photo, you know the one I mean, the best one a friend captured when you were bugging, or may have taken yourself, this is a great group to share those photos.

  •  This Group has 721 members and is a great place to have your say,  if you would like to have anything published on this website for others to see, this is a good place to start, this group is also where I will announce  anything new I come across that the buggying world should know about. If you need any help to promote an event or a new product, and would like it spreading on my Blog, you only have to ask.

Kite Buggying

  •  2.6 Members from around the Globe in this Group,  a great place to tap into knowledge and experience, freely given from elite Buggiers including Champions, also a great place to discuses anything new to hit the market

Home Made Kite Buggies

  •  This is where a massive collection of well over 1000 home made buggies are kept for all to see and admire, this collection is a joint effort from Cris Tyne and PTW, well worth a browse through the photo albums for inspiration and admiration.

Home Made Kite Buggies

  •  This Group is the place to post your home made buggy, this is where Cris Tyne or PTW will then collect and add to the Home Brew photo albums in the page above.

Kite Buggies in Da House

  •  Yes thats right, this Group with 150 members, was set up to post up your photos of your kite buggy….”inside your house” yeah….mad or what, even a prison thanks Simon Jeffrey….yep, oh and you may get a few surprises as you scroll through the photos thanks to Cresus’s photography skills…!!!!

Have we covered everything???

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