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Have a Little Tweet..!

I am new to Twitter, and still learning its ways… Follow @popeyethewelder   Building Kite Buggies– — popeyethewelder(@popeyethewelder) March 11, 2013

Probably the Most Rigid Buggy Frame

PTW Buggies Poster 2013

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PTW Viper Buggy

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Kite Bike….Well Litterally Yes

Tom aka RedSkyHorizon, the fearless extreme kite buggy rider extraordinaire, had a bash at kite biking……literally over the weekend and recorded 46.30km/h on …..a BMX bike. My first proper beach test of the BMX yesterday 🙂 Not ideal conditions unfortunately but great fun. Scary tho. Winds gusting to 40mph. My top speed and new kite […]

PTW Wildkat

DIMENSIONS Rear wheel centers 1650mm Front to back wheel centers 1720mm Swan neck 40mm by 40mm Box 3mm wall Side rails 33mm 3mm wall Swinging arms 27mm 3mm wall Plate work 6mm thick Wheels barrows Inspired by The Hugarian Buggiers

Don’t Worry Be Happy….Just Ask Rob Lukin

Inspiration This man has it by the bucket full   Film Crew , Camera & Edit : Chris Bulota – Clement Esso – Ben Menetrier

Photo of the Week

‘Back Rest’ and Frame…Almost Done

To stiffen the frame up you have a couple of options, you can either put a cross brace inbetween the rear rails or a back rest….I call it a back rest because that is what I make it look like, but in reality, it is not. It is a brace. Buggybag seats offers more than enough […]