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Kite Bike Record Has Been Broken Again – 95.60km/h- 59.41mph

The BREAKING NEWS on Facebook this morning is…..Peter Foulkes aka Gannet or Kitezone Muriwai has done it again YEAH, Ozone R1 6m and 30+ knots NW = 95 kmh on a Kitebike ? Location, Mooseland NZ Kite, Ozone R1, 6m Witnesses, Rob Walton I’ll do a write up this week, as so much happened in […]

Oooops I Did It Again….Kite Bike Record Raised

Oooops he just did it again, serial record holder Peter Foulkes aka Gannet from New Zealand, just raised the bar on his own World Kite Biking Record to an outstanding 54.75mph or 88.10km/h, congratulations again Peter for continuing to push the sports boundaries.   Hi Carl Moose land trip after work, pays off Kitebike speed […]

New World Record, Kite Biking – Fastest Speed

Gannet aka Peter Foulkes from New Zealand, has taken the crown once again, multiple world record holder over the years has finally won the top spot again, this time on his beautifully designed Kite Bike. Kitebike speed – 87.7 km/h – 54.50mph   Kites – Ozone Quantum prototype , sizes 4m Witnesses and support team […]

Photo of the Week

Kite Bike – Double Record holder, Gannet is chasing ‘Auto’ Andrew down for the Speed Record

Peter Foulkes – Kitebike Speed Run Sunday morning, the plan is to kikebike the 50 km of Muriwai beach and return or as we call it, “nukes the moose”. (The northern end of the beach we call the mighty Mooseland). Al calls in at my place wit…h his Razor kitebike, we load up with kites, […]

No Barriers 13 – The UK Event of the Year

Find out more details and registration form on FACEBOOK, but be quick, the tickets are selling fast

Kite Bike….Well Litterally Yes

Tom aka RedSkyHorizon, the fearless extreme kite buggy rider extraordinaire, had a bash at kite biking……literally over the weekend and recorded 46.30km/h on …..a BMX bike. My first proper beach test of the BMX yesterday 🙂 Not ideal conditions unfortunately but great fun. Scary tho. Winds gusting to 40mph. My top speed and new kite […]

Windy Season Is Here, Contemplating going for a World Record

Winter winds in Europe, and blasting winds are now starting to hit the dry lake beds in the US…..Record time is here again, equipment checked, kites finely tuned, bearings lubricated and safety gear scrutinised you are ready to go. For the pioneers of speed among us, the guys who go out when some of us […]

So whats riding the kite bike like?

Ben Klaasen has written an account of his experience of learning the skills needed to master the kite bike… more here

The First Ice Bike, Ice Cruiser ll

Marc ten Brink, Has made the first Ice Kite Bike, I cannot wait to see the video footage

Kite Bikes

They just open up a whole new dimension to buggying….and the guys who do it… it Kite Bikes

Kite Bikes

Kite Bikes Heres Gannet, Kitebike Razor at Muriwai NZ