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Photo of the Week

No Barriers 13…..Bravo

Wow…how awesome was that…the UK event of the year lived up to all expectations and more, with  150 plus guests, great weather an awesome beach, the No Barriers 13 event organised by Dai, Cheryl, Al, Caroline and all of the other people who made this event happen, including sponsors, you can all walk away from […]

Fastest Speed on a Beach has been Broken

Windjammer (UK) had held the record 68.10mph for a number of years, but today there was no stopping Kite Buggy Master Stephan van Bommel from taking the record. Today SVB broke a few world records, he became The fastest pilot on European soil, The fastest pilot in the world on sand The fastest bigfoot tyres 110 km/h 68.35mph at Rømø Denmark, The […]

Kite Bike – Double Record holder, Gannet is chasing ‘Auto’ Andrew down for the Speed Record

Peter Foulkes – Kitebike Speed Run Sunday morning, the plan is to kikebike the 50 km of Muriwai beach and return or as we call it, “nukes the moose”. (The northern end of the beach we call the mighty Mooseland). Al calls in at my place wit…h his Razor kitebike, we load up with kites, […]

What is Trail?

Trail is the horizontal distance between your forks steering axis and the center of the front tire’s contact patch.  Setting the trail too long or short can make a huge difference to how your buggy performs and stears Learn more about trail  Wikipedia. When making a set of forks for a buggy, the rake and trail must be […]

Video of the Week

Thunder Sailing – Char a voile & Buggy Kite What a great action video by KreatiZVideo

NO BARRIERS 13, The UK event of the Year

Time and tickets are running out fast, do not miss this GREAT Land sailing event of the year….TICKETS NOW ARE LIMITED 25th – 27th May 2013 is the very first year for the land sailing event No Barriers. This event is run by members of Carmartheshire Land Sailing Club (CLSC) for the land sailing communities […]

Photo of the Week

Lately my buddy Mano is going nuts jumping his buggy, so I was determined to go at least as high as him for this photo. Friday 10/05/2013 the wind was perfect for jumping my z3 6.6 in about 6 bfr. I was way to overpowered so I knew that I was going sky high, after […]

Dragonfly carbon products

  Laurent Calatayud, owner of Dranonfly Carbon Products from Marseille, France, is an expert with Carbon Fibre, luckily for the kite buggy world, he is an avid kite buggier himself.             He has used his skills with carbon fiber to produce many products for kite buggiers at remarkably cheap prices.       […]

New PTW Buggy Record

He’s done it again…..RedSkyHorizon has taken the PTW buggy record to a new height, an extra 0.3mph on the previous record.                       Hey Pops New PB in the Dom! ….up from 66.0mph to 66.3mph After almost 18 months of trying and failing the wind came […]