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A look into the future…..maybe, maybe not….see more here

Kite Buggying Trips in the Mongolian Gobi Desert

I came across this web site offering kite buggying trip into the Gobi Desert, so I thought I would share this with you in case anyone fancies something a little different.                 Tour Description Day 1: Arrival Ulaanbaatar, Bogd Khan’s Winter Palace, Monastery of Choiji Lama Day 2: […]

The 2004 Gobi Desert Buggy Expedition

The Team Sourced from Kieron Bradley, 30, and Peter Ash, 34, both from Norfolk, and Professor Brian Cunningham, of Greater Manchester, will cross the Gobi desert in kite buggies. The trip, planned for September, will start in the Altay region of Mongolia and finish in the Erdenaalai region. The 43lb buggies measure 8ft x […]

Congratulations to GT Race

I have had contact with Martin Faber for many years, and always admired his craftsmanship as a buggy builder, he has built some of the most beautiful buggies I have seen over the years, and I have watched with great interest as he has grown and grown.   Martin now has a well established race buggy […]

Going Captive

Taking the step from kiting and buggying,  just using your arms, to a harness is a big one. Many people are apprehensive of being physically attached to the kite….or hooked in. Once the decision has been made though, its a choice of which harness to choose from, there are hundreds out there, and dont just […]

Kite Buggying Records

Ever since the record data was added to the world list, especially the main Personal Best list with it having hundreds of entrants, every time I updated someones new PB, the data would reflect the new speed achieved, but the data would not slot into its new home on the list, this annoyed the hell out […]

The making of the AWD Buggy

An insight into the remarkable world of buggy building Hungarian Style The making of the AWD Buggy from SirBolts on Vimeo. This is how we (well mostly Gyuri) made my new buggy which based on the Flexi’s geometry with the solutions of the Stealth. Behind the welding machine sparks and all sorts of thingies: Gyuri […]

A Master at Work Nick Stimpel

Peter Lynn Vapor, Buggy demonstration  

Six Months and Four Days

YES…..Six Months and 4 days….or 188 days….or even 16 million, 234 thousand, and 200 hundred seconds. That’s is the exact time since I had last been in a buggy, and almost the same since I have flown a kite. There have been many reasons for this, health being one of the major factors, and my […]

When the Desert Kicks

By March 2011 after 10 years of desert buggying,  I’d clocked up around 35,000 kms. During that time I’d smashed my right shoulder and busted a couple of ribs but nothing so devastating as the OBE I encountered on 4 March 2011, which left me in a debilitated & depressed state as I was unable […]

Sand Yeti

Sand Yeti’s intro has been updated, and you can also find his tips and adventures here

Kite Bikes

They just open up a whole new dimension to buggying….and the guys who do it… it Kite Bikes

Wind Powered Greenland Crossing – Snowbuggy

Follow their progress Dutch kite team to cross Greenland using a snowbuggy. In 2006 Eric “MTwater”, initiator of the Snowbuggy Team, started dreaming of crossing Greenland using wind power and kites. Many crossings were and are still done on skis with the aid of wind powered kites. Eric’s novel idea was to modify a […]

Now thats what I call a Buggy Trailer

Icicles kite buggying returns to Torridge

Action will start on Saturday 21st Jan with racing from 10am to 2pm and will continue on Sunday from 10am to 3pm. The Icicles Cup is the first national race of the season organised by the Parakart Association, which is the national governing body for the sport. The event started in the early 90s when kite […]

Les Hemmes

By Maddox Encore une trés bonne session aux hemmes . Maddox’s Channel has been added Videos

They’re Here….!!

Sponsor HQ Prodigy Race kites arrive

Progression….. PTW Buggies

Time continues, things move forward, technology advances. The advancement of kite buggies has moved forward in leap and bounds during the last few years, its exciting times. XXtreme were the first to develop the double bend side rails, then all the top race buggy makers followed suit, it isn’t until you try a buggy with […]

You wanted PTW Dominator 1 Plans

                                  Many times I have been asked for the Dominator Plans, and I have always said to everyone I dont have any, well quite a few years ago a guy travelled a few hundred miles to mine, he had […]

UK Forum Signature with HQ

New Year New Kite Sponsor

Times are changing,  Sieger at Cooper Kites, I have to say could not have been a better sponsor to me, and has been extremely generous to me during my time with Cooper. I remember after I initially contacted him via email, within ten minutes, he was asking for my address to send me a set […]

North American Buggy eXpo 2012…… T-82, the Buzz is starting The Future of NABX The NABX plans to preserve the best elements of this long standing desert event while continually adding new exciting features. An inspired mixture of growth and tradition is projected for this groundbreaking event including new races, impressive drawings/raffles and a gourmet banquet under the desert stars. NABX 2012 NABX 2011 […]

Extreme High Wind Kite Buggy

Uploaded by RedSkyHorizon on 8 Jan 2012 Wind speeds and gusts ranging from storm force 10 to hurricane force 12, torrential rain and a freezing wind chill factor is not everyone’s idea of a good time on at the beach. It would have been perfect if I hadn’t forgot to bring my water resistant boots […]

The Tale of a Newbie and a Kite Buggy…

The Tale of a Newbie and a Kite Buggy…