When the Desert Kicks

By March 2011 after 10 years of desert buggying,  I’d clocked up around 35,000 kms. During that time I’d smashed my right shoulder and busted a couple of ribs but nothing so devastating as the OBE I encountered on 4 March 2011, which left me in a debilitated & depressed state as I was unable to kite buggy for almost 13 weeks.

It was inevitable because I’d  been pushing the boundaries more & more in this kiting game.

It was a Friday when Giorgio riding his all composite Shamal & I decided on what should have been a long day’s buggying. Brigitte joined us as usual driving her 800cc Polaris Razor.

Giorgio & I found it unusually tough running the first part of our journey through the Dragon Run which is a labyrinth of tricky dunes made difficult by the unusually soft climbs we made on some of the softer leeward sides of dunes and in severely gusting winds……..Read more here

The damage

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