There’s a new kid in the Elite Club

photo Jed Simon Jason

Huge congratulations to Dirk Hemza, also known as Screwyfits or Screwy Dye Jobs, for achieving a remarkable speed of 65.5mph (105.41km/h) at the recent IBX 2024 event held at the Ivanpah Lake bed in the Mojave Desert of San Bernardino County, California, on the border of California and Nevada.

Dirk, who has been kite buggying for as long as I can recall, is not only a talented kite buggier, but also one of the kindest individuals you could hope to meet. I had the privilege of meeting him and his father Dwane at Ivanpah back in 2011, his skills as a kite buggy builder is truly impressive.

Seeing Dirk join the Elite 100km/h club fills me with immense joy, especially witnessing him not just entering but exceeding expectations with a remarkable personal best jump, increasing his speed by over 5mph to reach 65.50mph.

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