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The Kite Park Championships 2013

This weekend at the Essex Kite Park they have put together a great agenda full of competitions for freestyle buggiers who are NOT at the highest level, which is great because for up and coming freestylers, although a whole lot can be learned from the Pros, competing with these guys can possibly be slightly intimidating, […]

Video of The Week

Spotted this in the news a few weeks back while I was at a meet, and forgot to post it on my return, great clip of Craig Sparkes promoting the sport on the BBC local news It’s fast and furious and fun – freestyle kite buggying can take your breath away – and the European […]

Video of the Week

Kite Buggy Freestyle by Josh Hough

Photo of the Week

Freestyle – editing by Mark Crisp

Brancaster Beach from Mark Crisp on Vimeo.

Almost Spring…in Australia with Luke S

  Been a long winter. The first clip with the 12m Speed 3, was gusting from 20 to 30 knots, put the kite up as a test for wind strength, it has amazing depower, full trim strap plus bar out ate up most of the gnarly gusts, the big dunes are just behind the beach […]

Freestylers…..get ready

The Xxtreme Camp are on the verge of a long awaited new freestyle buggy, Flexifoil have dominated this market virtually since buggies became airborne Prices will be announced very soon so keep checking the website for the latest details Good luck with the Basixx guys, it looks to me like a real contender for the […]

Pimp My Flexi Buggy

Pimp My Flexi Buggy By Jerry Hall

New kite buggy videographers added

Beboii Luke S