The Kite Park Championships 2013

Essex Kite Park

This weekend at the Essex Kite Park they have put together a great agenda full of competitions for freestyle buggiers who are NOT at the highest level, which is great because for up and coming freestylers, although a whole lot can be learned from the Pros, competing with these guys can possibly be slightly intimidating, especially if you’re just starting out.

The Competitions run from 12.00 on 6th Sept-22.59 8th Sept

  • As part of the summer sessions held at Essex Kite Park, this year the team wanted to end with something different.
  • There has been a lot of unrest over the years in the world of land kiting, with competition being reserved for only the elite in our sport. Well, here at Essex kite Park we want to change that.
  • The EKP team would like to present The Kite Park Championships. … This event is designed for the inner pro that isn’t quite ready to delve into the world of top flight competition. The aim for this event is for everybody to join in, have some fun and enjoy the world of kiting.
  • The Format of this competition is a jam format divided into three categories. They are Ramp + Rail, Flat land and finally a Riders Champion voted for by you.
  • An independent panel will judge the Ramp + Rail and Flat Land comps.
  • They will each be judged in three categories over 1 hour, which are Pro, Amateur and Junior ensuring that both events are as fair for the collective as possible. You will be judged on your style, progression and over-all impression.
  • The final crown will be down to you – the people on who you think is most improved, gave you the biggest impression or even yourself if you think you deserve it.
  • There will be a cash prize to each winner so you’ve gotta be in it to win it!
  • Don’t want to compete? Well the kite park will be having just a normal weekend with no competition zones, you can ride anywhere as normal and still be in with a chance of winning some prizes. Throughout the weekend we will be holding a series of awards including best trick, king of the air, drag king, most improved and no comp would be complete without best wipe out. To be a part of this all you have to do it turn up and ride.
  • Competition aside, the summer sessions and all the events EKP put on have one purpose. That purpose is to raise money for the rent and maintenance of the field. These events are a life line to us and we appreciate any one who comes down.
  • Remember guys and girls the kite park is family friendly with trampolines, slides and climbing frames to keep everyone entertained.


  • So prices for the event:
  • To enter into The Kite Park Championships You pay £20 each this gives you a chance of winning a cash prize and includes camping from Friday to Sunday.
  • For non competitors the price is the same for all our events.
  • Camp and fly from Friday to Sunday £15
  • Just camping no flying from Friday to Sunday £10
  • Family ticket which includes two adults and two kids from Friday to Sunday £20
Everyone who is paying to fly is eligible to win the big air, best trick, drag king, most improved and best wipe out comps, but remember you are only eligible for the cash prize if you enter The kite park championships.
The dates as above are the 6th – 8th of September, you can turn up as early as you like on Friday and leave as late as you want on Sunday. So that’s it, we hope to see you there, if you have any questions please post below, or contact Ash Garwood on 07897624126.
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