Lovely Kite Buggy Footage from Chris Wright

New year’s Day 2024, this is my 2nd winter kiting and im desperate for a bit of adrenaline and looking to hit the magic 50mph, wind was slightly cross shore and 28mph with gusts of 31mph. The smallest kite on depower I have is a 7m so that’s my choice. 

This is the maximum wind I’ve ever flown in and I’m the only one flying because the other person there doesn’t feel confident to launch. If something happens at the other end of the beach I’ll be on my own. 

The adrenaline is definitely pumping now, 

anyway i don’t think about it too much and launch. 

Doing a scout run to make sure there’s no nasty surprises and get to my turning point and do a down turn (deadmans turn) and hold on!, here we go! 

This is the speed run I’ve been waiting for, the sand is good, wind slightly cross shore and there’s no one else on the beach for miles.

I can instantly feel the kite wants to go and trim to find the sweet spot,

 I’m building speed fast and expecting it to be a rough ride but things seem to smooth out the faster I’m going.

Cruising at 48mph and it’s time to push for that 50 I’ve come here to get, 

I increase bar pressure and now I’m shifting looking as far ahead as I can see to make double sure I don’t hit anything, the end of the runs coming up fast and I need to think about stopping so i depower the kite and send the buggy into a slide, 

after a good distance and the biggest drift I’ve ever done I’m still alive!. 

I know it was fast but was it good enough? Yes! I did it!, 50.6mph. I’m happy with that.

In all I spent about an hour on the beach and decided enough was enough as all my gear and myself are still in tack and the mood is high. I love kiting! 

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