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New Crab Concept by Olivier Squire

Most kite buggy enthusiasts will have heard of the Crab Buggy, there have been a few Crabs built around the world, but for me without doubt the king of the Crabs is Olivier Suire, he truly does think outside the box, and I applaud him for his dedication to do just that. He has been […]

Ivanpah Buggy Blast 2014

  Ladies and Gentlemen – Start your engines 31.01.2014 Words from Brian Holgate this morning   Well, we have our documents filed and the bank account is set up. The website still needs a little time but just now the wheels are turning. Shirts are also in pre production. Once we put the final touches […]

Photo of the Week

SWATK Connor Event 2014

The Connor Event & Charity The reason we hold the Connor Endurance Event each year is because of a 13 year Old SWATK member called Connor, Connor sadly passed away in 2010, from a terminal illness, Connor loved power kiting with his grand-dad, he always had fun and fully enjoyed this sport. We hold this event to […]

Video of the Week – 65mph Buggy Ride

Wow….there would be no disputing any records with this live overlay on the video, great video Cliff A piece of software called Dashware (Click Logo) You just sync with the GPS log and stick on some customisable gauges and you’re away. As you can see I’ve been playing around with it making my own gauges. […]