Fastest Kiter on Earth – Respect to Felix Kersten & his Cabrinha Switchblade 6qm

Propably fastest Kiter on Earth!!!! ~142kmh / 88.23mph over 5sec by ski and kite. Comparison against buggying records Modified Buggy Record – 135.34kmh / 84.10mph Brian Holgate USA Standard Race Buggy Record – 133.40km/h / 82.89mph  Arjen Van Der Tol Freestyle Buggy Record – 101.71km/h / 63.20mph Ginge aka Will McKean UK My Mission in Norway was not finished with the […]

Spider Crab Blog – Skye Parker

Below is a post from Skye Parkers Blog The Spider Crab is going to be a fantastic machine. And the great news about it is that I am 99% sure it’s going to work!  BUT… I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this disabled buggying… and I don’t think it ends with the Spider […]

Bobby Muse Continues to Climb

My good friend Bobby Muse continues his quest to rise in the Elite Buggiers Rankings, he has just upped his PB to 65.60mph Well, it’s been a fantastic April and May on Ivanpah.  I’ve had 4 sessions with multiple runs breaking 60 mph, but no PB for me till today. Winds were forecast to be […]

New Crab Concept by Olivier Squire

Most kite buggy enthusiasts will have heard of the Crab Buggy, there have been a few Crabs built around the world, but for me without doubt the king of the Crabs is Olivier Suire, he truly does think outside the box, and I applaud him for his dedication to do just that. He has been […]

Avoid Serious Head Trauma-Always Wear a Helmet

Any helmet is better than nothing at all, don’t be a fool and try bugging without some form of head protection, its just not worth it. Generally you get what you pay for as with most things, I choose these days to wear Icaro Helmets, super lightweight used by Wingsuit and Paraglider Pilots.

Kitebuggy and Facebook

Sep 2016 PTW, just keeping the community together through the social medium of Facebook……join us Kites and Buggies FOR SALE/WANTED This fast growing Facebook group with over 4.8k members and growing rapidly, is fast becoming THE place to look for some great gear, much of this gear coming from top European racers, meaning top quality […]

Replacing Landsegler Bearings

Bearings can gradually deteriate, sometimes without you even realising it, even though my wheels still spun quite freely for a long time, I had noticed when traveling to a buggy destination, with my buggy sat on the trailer behind me, the wheels that once would gradually turn in the wind had …..stopped turning. Now if […]

Splitter MK Race, Piece of Mind

If you have never heard of a MK Splitter Race, its not surprising, these marvellous pieces of kit have been kept mainly in Germany. They are the result of Maik Kaminski’s hard work, helped by Gerd Tschampel, it was constructed after a serious OBE, and have been around a few years now, there are approximately […]

Don’t Risk Losing Your GoPro while Buggying

I thought of you guys when a good friend of mine introduced me to this product, he had recently lost his GoPro, without realising the mount had come away from his helmet while riding his motor cycle, he lost his expensive GoPro. He searched the market but could not find exactly what he wanted, so set […]

Having a Clear Out

After 10 years of buying, using and selling kite gear, and seemingly buying more than selling over the years, We have decided to have a good clear out, and make some much needed space We will over the course of the next 4-6 weeks sell all sorts of items, from a Parastorm Buggy, to stainless buggy plates, […]

Its Finished

        Ken Shaw’s amazing account of this years ‘non event’ at Ivanpah NV On behalf of the Buggying community around the world thank you Ken, for this fantastic tale

Probably the Greatest Kite Buggy Account Ever Told

Under a Mildly Amusing Moon A voyeuristic account of Greasehopper’s annual journey through The RedNek Decompression Chamber a.k.a. NotX 2013, XbaN 2013, Slopped my Dripper 2013 Any similarities to actual persons, places or non-events, alive or dead, real or fictional is merely coincidental and the product of a failing memory. Many of the names have […]

Icaro 4fight cut integral Helmet review

I took delivery of my new helmet today to use in the kite buggy, it is a paragliding helmet, to replace my RuRoC helmet, and I thought I would write a review of the helmet HERE

popeyethewelder.com feedback

For us to move forward with this web site, please take a few moments of your time to answer a few questions, we would like to know what is, and what is not working within this kite buggying resourse, to allow us some feedback. popeyethewelder.com survey Thank you for taking the time

The Automatic Quick Release

Inspired by Jeff Earl aka bigkidkites, I have made my own very simple auto QR   See how simple this possible life saver is to make HERE

Inside Buggy Pilots

I would just like to thank everyone so far for submitting to “Inside Buggy Pilots“, but I would just like to high light one I received today from Jeff Earl aka bigkidkites, not many people will know him outside the USA, but I have had the pleasure of meeting him twice, both times at NABX. […]

PTW entry in the Buggy Kite & Friends Magazine

Mainly about my NABX 2011 trip but including this years Playa buggy, the German magazine Buggy Kite & Friends runs an article                               More media HERE

Welcome to my Crib

I love to look around other people Garages and sheds, call it being nosey, well here’s a look around my Crib Forget the buggies for a second, Welcome to my Crib

Ripstop the Foundation for Our Buggy Engines

Fabrics are woven fabrics often made out of nylon, using a special reinforcing technique that makes them resistant to tearing and ripping. During weaving (thick) reinforcement threads are interwoven at regular intervals in a crosshatch pattern. The intervals are typically 5 to 8 millimeters (0.2 to 0.3 in)…..read more here

RedSkyHorizon – A man with a Vison

RedSkyHorizon aka Tom Mulligan……Who is this guy?, well I have only met Tom on one occasion, he lives in the south of London, England and buggies on Camber Sands,  he is also the new owner of the Dominator 4, and I met him when he came to collect the buggy…..read more here

Kite Buggying Trips in the Mongolian Gobi Desert

I came across this web site offering kite buggying trip into the Gobi Desert, so I thought I would share this with you in case anyone fancies something a little different.                 Tour Description Day 1: Arrival Ulaanbaatar, Bogd Khan’s Winter Palace, Monastery of Choiji Lama Day 2: […]

Sand Yeti

Sand Yeti’s intro has been updated, and you can also find his tips and adventures here

The Tale of a Newbie and a Kite Buggy…

The Tale of a Newbie and a Kite Buggy…