Probably the Greatest Kite Buggy Account Ever Told

Under a Mildly Amusing Moon

A voyeuristic account of Greasehopper’s annual journey through

The RedNek Decompression Chamber

a.k.a. NotX 2013, XbaN 2013, Slopped my Dripper 2013

Any similarities to actual persons, places or non-events, alive or dead, real or fictional is merely coincidental and the product of a failing memory. Many of the names have been changed to protect the innocent… and not-so innocent.

Rewind to April 2012

As handshakes and hugs make their way through the throng of departing NabX 2012 participants, words of fondness and appreciation fill the air. The scene carries a slightly melancholy note that is offset by the unspoken understanding that, come hell or high water we WILL do this again next year. That was the plan!

The most important thing about having a plan is one now has something to deviate from…   Fast forward to March 2013 as we all track the deviations, many in positions of flexibility adapt with vigor while other are apprehensive to invest heavily in something that appears so tenuous. Admittedly those fears are not without merit; however the strength of our bond to the desert playa and our playa family prevailed in astounding measure this year making Spring Break Buggy Bash 2013, The Reunion Tour, a smashing success. Well, I for one thought it was the Mutz Nutz but then again, I’m easily amused.

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