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Just Shootin’ the Breeze – “So, How Fast Can You Go”

“So, how fast can you go?” We’ve all heard the question posed hundreds of times and reasonably so when you realize that most folks have a limited frame of reference. Most folks don’t know what travelling 150mph on the Autobahn in a mushy, squishy, loose jointed chunk of Detroit Steel feels like. They honestly believe […]

Just Shootin the Breeze – Getting a Grip

There’s a recurring discussion about which kite or buggy is better/faster involving all manner of intricate factors that are virtually impossible to quantify with any degree of accuracy without employing a small army of techie types armed to the teeth with accelerometers, strain gauges and data logging software.  In the Motorsports community, we call these […]

FBBT 2013 (Fall Buggy Boogie Thang)

FBBT 2013 Part 2: And the Rains Came Monsoon Season in the Sonoran and Mohave Deserts has a will of its own that simply will not be swayed by the trivial desires of one little Buggy Nut in a remote corner of this vast desert region. Annual rain fall in these environs ranges from 3 […]

Deviating from the Norm

Deviating from the Norm If you were in attendance at NABX ’11, you may have taken note of a diabolically heavy, four wheeled monster truck of a buggy nick-named Chuckawalla Rock-It. Tipping the scales at roughly 300 pounds sans pilot, it had long travel, independent suspension comprised entirely of old golf cart and race car […]