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Its that time of the year again …..Come on wind sport enthusiasts around the world, get involved IVANPAH DRY LAKE RECREATION AREA Primm Nevada USA  MARCH 27TH – MARCH 31ST 2017   HERE WE ARE KICKING OFF OUR FOURTH YEAR OF IBX     If you’ve been once or twice, we appreciate your presence and […]

My Bugging Days are Over, For Now

It has been a while since I have written a personal log in this blog, and today I have chosen to formally let you know, that I have now officially finished with my kite buggying. I have also stopped completely building buggies. Let me explain the reasons behind these decisions, Firstly building buggies, as you […]

PTW Viper

PTW Viper Buggy

                            More Photos HERE

More Work on the Forks

The forks continue to take shape, they need to be ready for Mike Kenley for NABX 2013 and the PTW Playa Buggy, these forks will house the Landsegler UL nabx/wet wheels

Five Hours of Polishing

I started work a few days ago on the last set of the Nike Tick style front fork plates I will ever use, and this set of forks when I have finished will cradle a Landesegler NABX/Wet UL wheel, and it will be in good company too. They are going to a good friend of mine, Mike Kenley […]

Is this the best Buggy location in the world…?

Take a ride across the Alvord Desert. uncut and stripped down, just you and the Playa! The Alvord Desert is around 84 square miles of dry lake bed. our trip across was across the width, I’m afraid the length would take all day to cross. our line was a slight c shape as we got […]

Congratulations to MDK, a new PKD, USA Team Rider

Just two months after Mike Kenley sat for the first time in a buggy at NABX 2012, he has been snapped up by BKK as a team rider for PDK USA, well done Mike, I knew you were special, the moment you set off.

Nabx 2012 – Friends photo captures, and Sponsors

These are a few photos I was captured on by Mike Kenley aka MDK, Ryan aka gOOfba11 and Chris Shultz president of HQ USA, thank you for these photos I would also like to say a big thank you to my sponsors, please guys, take the time to look at their sites, merchandise and offerings, […]