13 Years of Popeyethewelder.com

Welcome to Popeyethewelder.com – Your Ultimate Kite Buggying Bible! It’s 2024, and we’re thrilled to celebrate 13 Years of Popeyethewelder.com – A Kite Buggying Community Milestone! Can you believe it? Thirteen years have flown by since we first set sail into the digital winds of Popeyethewelder.com! Since 2011, we’ve proudly served the kite buggying community, […]

My Bugging Days are Over, For Now

It has been a while since I have written a personal log in this blog, and today I have chosen to formally let you know, that I have now officially finished with my kite buggying. I have also stopped completely building buggies. Let me explain the reasons behind these decisions, Firstly building buggies, as you […]

14.09.14 Mablethorpe

Had a play with keeping the horizon level, made for something a little different

Mablethorpe 21st July 14

Had a great day on the beach with my kiting buddy David Peck, we were also lucky to have Paul Simons with his camera with us, who took these great photos, its not that often I get in the frame so I was very happy to see his results. Although Paul took the photos, I […]

Retro Footpegs

Mablethorpe Blessed us with a Perfect Beach

The wind was SSE meaning not quite perfect for Mablethorpe, the Winds were light too around 10-12mph, I was using the 9.4m Vapor, which caught me out a few times in the turns as you will see in the video towards the end. The beach itself was SUPERB, I have never seen it in such […]

Bolton Le Sands – Mission

PTW with the PL Vapor

Photo of the Week

This is the power of photoshop, the original photo which is a great shot taken by Lauren Mcgavin at the No Barriers13 meet. I took 3-400 photos myself so was happy when I saw Laurens photo with me in it, she kindly sent it to me, and I could not resist playing around with photoshop […]

The Long Winter

I don’t know if it’s me just getting older, or the winters getting longer, but this one in the UK seems to be dragging on forever. I remember years ago when I started buggying, there were around 15-25 of us local to me, we would meet up every weekend at a local buggy spot inland, […]

Have a Little Tweet..!

I am new to Twitter, and still learning its ways… Follow @popeyethewelder   Building Kite Buggies– popeyethewelder.com fb.me/1XvRaTfWF — popeyethewelder(@popeyethewelder) March 11, 2013

PTW Buggies Poster 2013

Free Poster to anyone who clicks the “Like” tab on PTW Buggies-Think Outside The Box Facebook Page, message me your email address https://www.facebook.com/pages/PTW-Buggies-Think-Outside-The-Box/170081718998

Work on the Buggy Moves Forward

PTW Patriot Buggy

The latest buggy to roll out of the Gaff, named by the new owner the PTW Patriot Buggy, made with two front ends. More photos HERE

More photos from Mablethorpe 18.05.12

A few more photos from a great session in May 12, I took my youngest son Danny 22, he took most of these photos, and considering he had never used a DLSR camera, I believe he did a pretty good job.             This was also his very first time in […]

PTW Buggy Breaks the 100km/h Barrier

Well have have to say, I am almost as proud as if I had done it myself, but the fact is Tom aka RedSkyHorizon broke the 100km/h barrier using the Dominator 4 buggy today, Tom himself has already been much faster as he continues his quest to become the fastest kite buggier in the world on sand. […]

popeyethewelder.com – The Story So far

This buggy resource is growing and growing, here are a few facts from this website As of 18th August 2012 This website first went live on 14th dec 2011, 38,209 people have visited this site in 248 days, averaging 154 vists per day from 134 countries around the world There are now 361 kite buggy […]

Let’s go back to Bolton Le Sands

From a recent trip to Bolton Le Sands Let’s Go Back to Bolton Le Sands from popeyethewelder on Vimeo. Thanks to Steve Warren for the off board clips

Mablethorpe Revisited

Great day on the beach, see some more photos HERE

122 countries

This site is racing around the world so fast, and has now been viewed in 122 countries in just five months, I just can’t believe it, I don’t even know of half the countries, I am truly amazed….thanks for keeping me driven, and spreading the sport we love. “Incidently for your information, there are now 290 kite buggy […]

PTW entry in the Buggy Kite & Friends Magazine

Mainly about my NABX 2011 trip but including this years Playa buggy, the German magazine Buggy Kite & Friends runs an article                               More media HERE

242 Days – Let the Fun Begin

Thats how long it has been since I last hit the beach, I have been inland, and across the Pond to NABX but 242 days was the last time I buggied on a beach….I had good reason too aswell, New Apexx, New Landsegler wheels, and New HQ Prodigy Race kites…..Let the fun begin

Welcome to my Crib

I love to look around other people Garages and sheds, call it being nosey, well here’s a look around my Crib Forget the buggies for a second, Welcome to my Crib