popeyethewelder.com – The Story So far

This buggy resource is growing and growing, here are a few facts from this website

As of 18th August 2012

  • This website first went live on 14th dec 2011,
  • 38,209 people have visited this site in 248 days, averaging 154 vists per day from 134 countries around the world
  • There are now 361 kite buggy related pages on this site
  • There are 5198 kite buggy related photos on this site
  • Most popular areas are building kite buggies and projects, and the main category that gets more hammer than any other area is “Information”, the least popular area on this site is “neighbours”  and “who’s who” which is interesting.
  • The World Kite Buggying records is also very popular, and we pride ourselves on adding and updating personal best kite buggy speeds almost instantly certainly within 24hours of us receiving the data, making the record list, the most up-to-date buggy records in the world, more often then not, we find the data on Facebook before it has even been sent to us.
  • The latest addition to the website is the Kite Buggy Q & A, where you have the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from the international kite buggy community via Facebook, the most popular and interesting questions get added to this site and logged as yet another resource, so thanks to everyone who has “Got Involved” so far, very much appreciated.
  • Since the 14th December 2011 I must have spent literally 1000’s of hours adding data, lets just say, I have a very understanding wife, who knows when I put my mind to something nothing gets in the way, and for the last 248 days I have focused more on this kite buggying resource than I should have done.
  • The website costs us around £150.00 pa to run, for servers, hosting and photo back up.

We hope you will continue to support this website by returning often, and making the hours of working behind the scenes worth while, together we can make this the KITE BUGGYING RESOURCE regarding our great green sport Kite Buggying.

Please feel free to CONTACT us about anything you would like adding or removing, to make this resource as good as it can be, we appreciate feedback of any kind.












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