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Video of The Week – Free Flight – Sandwich Bay

Great video by Cliff Baker and James Martin A video of our weekend fun, my friend cliff wanted to fly and I needed some practice following kites so we met up and this was the outcome, awesome edit mate really enjoyed filming it too. James Video editing all done by Cliff.

Video of the Week – RomoDK Mano Dirix

One week ago I went to Romo (DK) to shoot new footage for the Ozone Quantum. In this footage I’m showing the true possibilities of a high performance race kite Dirix Mano

Spider Crab Blog – Skye Parker

Below is a post from Skye Parkers Blog The Spider Crab is going to be a fantastic machine. And the great news about it is that I am 99% sure it’s going to work!  BUT… I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this disabled buggying… and I don’t think it ends with the Spider […]

Invitation to connect on LinkedIn

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Steve Warren captures this event with this great video The No Barriers Event help on Pembrey beach South Wales was again a great success, with 200 flyers and over 6 miles of the widest hardest flattest beach to play with, it could not have been anything less. Perfectly organised again, and with a host of […]