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Who’s Who?

Who’s Who? Power Kiters From Around The World To start with the people on these pages are mainly UK Kiting forum Users, but this is now open to all buggiers and land based power kiters from around the world

Basic Safety Buggying Rules

Basic Safety Buggying Rules

The End of 2011

Well another year has past, and I have to say this has been my leanest buggying year, in fact I can count the times I have buggied this year on one hand. I hope to change that in 2012, I plan to get out much more, I have a brand new Apexx sat on my trailer […]

Cougar Kite Bike

   PTW Cougar Bike

PTW Buggies

    PTW Buggies

Kite Buggy Projects

Kite Buggy Projects   Has now been added to the side bar

Making Key Clamp Buggy

Key Clamp Buggy Now there is really no excuse not to have a buggy

Video Chanels

Kite Buggying Videos

New kite buggy videographers added

Beboii Luke S

PTW Videos

PTW Videos Going back a few years now…and some look very dated, ha ha

Composite Buggies

Composite Buggies

Kite Bikes

Kite Bikes Heres Gannet, Kitebike Razor at Muriwai NZ

Kitebuggy Club Brazil

Merry Christmas Everyone

Hope you all have a great Christmas and may the winds blow strong for you in 2012 All the very best Pops


Kite Buggy Development

Kite Buggy Development

So Funny

Female Buggiers

Female Bugiers

Shiny Buggy Rack

Another Buggy Rack Idea

The Wind

The Wind The fuel for our engines

Dubai Buggying Trip

 Dubai April 2009 What a great Buggying adventure, and what a privilege to meet the great Sand Yeti and the desert gang, the photo here from left to right. Sand Yeti, Sir Bolts, Brig, PTW, Denise & Dubai Red Dragon

What would You Like?

Having spent well over 100hrs now uploading data, and I still have quite a bit more to upload by the way. Is there anything I have missed or you would like including on this site, I dont allow comments on this site in an attempt to keep it as clean as possible, but there are […]

Bullet Cam Mount to the Kite Buggy

Bullet Cam Holder