The End of 2011

Well another year has past, and I have to say this has been my leanest buggying year, in fact I can count the times I have buggied this year on one hand. I hope to change that in 2012, I plan to get out much more, I have a brand new Apexx sat on my trailer begging to get to the beach.

I have almost finished the PTW Playa buggy, the one I will be taking to NABX in April, cant wait for that one, and hopefully that will kick start a new buggying frenzy for me. Cooper kites are being hit with the recession, and are no longer sponsoring me in 2012, so I may have a new kite sponsor announcement soon in the New Year.

All the very best for everyone in 2012 and I hope our paths will cross somewhere

Good winds and great buggying to you all


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