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Carbon Kite Buggy Axles

I (that’s me on the left Frans Noordhuis) started experimenting with carbon in 2012. I made the first axle with a carbon tube from a friend. Wall thickness was about 1 mm and I was really surprised with the strength. In the end I wasn’t too happy with the looks of it and I decided to build […]


  Latest buggy out of the Gaff, this buggy is an amalgamation of a few different buggies, I have though made every part of this buggy, and because of this hybrid, it has been called the PTW THING…it is nearly Halloween right. It has been dressed in its latest Halloween outfit by Buggybags, and protected […]

New Carbon Axle & Clamps

I am a sucker for being up to date, and I had watched the development of the carbon buggy axles from Frans Noordhuis, he has a Facebook page worth checking out Carbon Buggy, while you are there check out the amazing stainless inserts made by Andy Man in Wales, believe me I have seem his work, he is […]

Just Shootin’ the Breeze – “So, How Fast Can You Go”

“So, how fast can you go?” We’ve all heard the question posed hundreds of times and reasonably so when you realize that most folks have a limited frame of reference. Most folks don’t know what travelling 150mph on the Autobahn in a mushy, squishy, loose jointed chunk of Detroit Steel feels like. They honestly believe […]

Re-vamped PTW Buggies

We have spent the last few days going though the pages with PTW Buggies on, and removed most of the gallery images, they were small images, not very good quality, so instead we have picked a few images from each buggy and presented them in a more pleasing way….we hope so anyway. Please click on […]

Mablethorpe Blessed us with a Perfect Beach

The wind was SSE meaning not quite perfect for Mablethorpe, the Winds were light too around 10-12mph, I was using the 9.4m Vapor, which caught me out a few times in the turns as you will see in the video towards the end. The beach itself was SUPERB, I have never seen it in such […]

Video of the Week – Ouddorp Movie

Nice day at the beach with team MG. We played with the MG Discwheels, and Mumba’s. Riding the Aerobic, Aero and Supra.      

Site Facts

This buggy resource continues to grow, here are a few facts from this website As of 18th Oct 2013 This website first went live on 14th dec 2011, 107,552 people have visited this site in 674 days, averaging 160 visits per day from 169 countries around the world   There are now 384 kite buggy related pages and 364 Blog entries on […]

PTW Eolia

Kite Buggying Group on Facebook

With around 800 members in this group this is a great place to ask a question, find answers, show of your latest buggy, tell us about an amazing place to buggy and just about everything else you can think of to do with kite buggying.

Kites and Buggies For Sale / Wanted

It seems logical we have a place on Facebook to collectively offer Kite and Buggies for sale, we have seen random posts in various groups, so now there is a dedicated group for this purpose, with well over 5000 members so far, this is a good starting point to either search for or sell your […]

Just Shootin the Breeze – Getting a Grip

There’s a recurring discussion about which kite or buggy is better/faster involving all manner of intricate factors that are virtually impossible to quantify with any degree of accuracy without employing a small army of techie types armed to the teeth with accelerometers, strain gauges and data logging software.  In the Motorsports community, we call these […]

Flexx Control System by Xxtreme

The Man behind XXtreme buggies Ruud, never rests, always thinking of ways to advance the kite buggy, there is already a black edition Apexx out now with carbon axle, belly pan and side plates, but the bit I find most interesting the the new Flexx Control system, better explained using the words from Team Xxtreme. The […]

Ivanpah Buggy Blast – Event Announcement

It gives great pleasure in being able to announce what will become THE KITE BUGGY EVENT to go to….THE event for fun, THE event for friends, The event for laughs, THE event for speed. The Ivanpah Buggy Bash or IB2 has been founded by two of the most respected and passionate US buggiers, Bobby […]

kite buggy compilation, Trips and Tips

Hi There is a new television program in Holland called Trips and Tips , it informs you in all kind of interesting places and activities … We had the opportunity to take part in this first episode . Its Dutch so … you probably don’t understand but I think you know what’s going on ……… […]