Flexx Control System by Xxtreme

Flexx Control bThe Man behind XXtreme buggies Ruud, never rests, always thinking of ways to advance the kite buggy, there is already a black edition Apexx out now with carbon axle, belly pan and side plates, but the bit I find most interesting the the new Flexx Control system, better explained using the words from Team Xxtreme.

The Flexx Control is the latest technology from Xxtreme. Flexx Control allows you to improve and adapt the rigidity of your buggy according to the surface conditions by increasing or decreasing  the tension between the two side bars ends. There are many advantages if you compare Flexx Control to a welded stainless steel bar below the side bar. With Flexx Control there is almost no additional weight, you can remove it and you can set up the amount of rigidity of your buggy in a progressive way and take advantages of each surface condition. A more rigid buggy means faster acceleration and less waste of speed on the upwind.

Flexx Control can be ordered on a new Xxtreme Apexx, but could also be added on existing Xxtreme Apexx , Xxtreme Xxracers or other brands .

For more information, please contact us a by Email at info@xxtreme.nl

Team XXtreme


Now this system was tested at the recent Euro Championships and performed xxtremely well, and this new system can be added to any buggy, I think this system would work remarkably well with the hard core Free Style Buggiers, this system would save a lot of bent side rails plus still offer an amount of give on the heaviest of landings……plus virtually no extra weight….how good is that. For the racer who wants to tune his buggy to not only suit a particular surface of a course, also if the course is mainly clockwise for instance, you can adjust your buggy to suit those turns better….

Well done Xxtreme for leading the way yet again https://www.xxtreme.nl/

Ruud & PTW

Ruud & PTW

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