XXtreme Apexx

Flexx Control System by Xxtreme

The Man behind XXtreme buggies Ruud, never rests, always thinking of ways to advance the kite buggy, there is already a black edition Apexx out now with carbon axle, belly pan and side plates, but the bit I find most interesting the the new Flexx Control system, better explained using the words from Team Xxtreme. The […]

kite buggy compilation, Trips and Tips

Hi There is a new television program in Holland called Trips and Tips , it informs you in all kind of interesting places and activities … We had the opportunity to take part in this first episode . Its Dutch so … you probably don’t understand but I think you know what’s going on ……… […]

Xxtreme Popeye

Finaly got the front fender resprayed More photos of the finished fender HERE

New Front Fender for the Apexx Disc Fork

I wanted a fender for my Apexx front disk fork, I search EBay and found this   See more photos and the fender I used HERE

242 Days

Yeah….thats right 242 days is the time I last rolled my buggy wheels on the beach, I have been inland and also across the pond to NABX, but 242 days is the amount of time since I last buggied on a beach….and that quite frankly is too long. More HERE             […]

Apexx & Landsegler

My Apexx with the 100mm Beach Landsegler wheels and the 4 weights I have added Now weighs in at 37kgs

More PB’s at Ivanpah for the Muse Family

Father and son team, BeamerBob and his son Wexler, had a great day on the dry lake bed Ivanpah on 11th March 2012, five days after the World Record was set there. To start with Wexler Muse, a sponsored HQ rider, and PTW Hero rider broke the 50mph barrier, and managed a brilliant 53.80mph flying […]

Six Months and Four Days

YES…..Six Months and 4 days….or 188 days….or even 16 million, 234 thousand, and 200 hundred seconds. That’s is the exact time since I had last been in a buggy, and almost the same since I have flown a kite. There have been many reasons for this, health being one of the major factors, and my […]