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Ozzy Slides into the Number 2 Spot

Check out Ozzy blasting to 93.00km/h on the ice at 2.40 mins, using a 2.7m Vapor     Thanks to William Pelgrim for the onboard footage.   Ice Buggy Records  

Kite Buggying Records – Meet the Elite

Fastest Barrow Tyres – Luk Stanek (Canada) – 72.80mph, 117.16km/h Fastest Beach Racer Tyres – Tom Mulligan aka RedSkyHorizon (England) – 66.00mph, 106.21km/h Fastest Bigfoots Tyres – Stephan van Bommel (Netherlands) – 67.73mph, 109.00km/h Fastest Buggy Backwards – Richard Grimshaw aka Heathcliff (England) 49.90mph, 80.30km/h Fastest Buggy Pilot – Brian Holgate (USA)- 84.10mph, 135.34km/h Fastest […]