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Kite Buggying Records – Meet the Elite

Fastest Barrow Tyres – Luk Stanek (Canada) – 72.80mph, 117.16km/h Fastest Beach Racer Tyres – Tom Mulligan aka RedSkyHorizon (England) – 66.00mph, 106.21km/h Fastest Bigfoots Tyres – Stephan van Bommel (Netherlands) – 67.73mph, 109.00km/h Fastest Buggy Backwards – Richard Grimshaw aka Heathcliff (England) 49.90mph, 80.30km/h Fastest Buggy Pilot – Brian Holgate (USA)- 84.10mph, 135.34km/h Fastest […]

Ziggy Racek No2 in the 24hr Distance Record

Just recieved this email from Ziggy this morning Hi Carlos. Week at Romo was not lucky for me I’ve done 810 km and my buggy broke twice (down tube). Beach is very uneven. It was my first and last time at Romo. Fano. Really a wonderful beach buggy is a pleasure. I really drove 3 days: […]