Ziggy Racek No2 in the 24hr Distance Record

Just recieved this email from Ziggy this morning

Hi Carlos.

Week at Romo was not lucky for me I’ve done 810 km and my buggy broke twice (down tube). Beach is very uneven. It was my first and last time at Romo.

Fano. Really a wonderful beach buggy is a pleasure. I really drove 3 days:

June 10, 228 km

June 12, 104 km

June 14, 634 km – I wanted more but did not work out the rain came.

First I want to thank my frends Grazyna, Arthur and Harald thanks you for helping me come true. 9am I started driving with 9m (PL Phantom) 11am (change to 6m Phantom) I drove to the end. The next day at 9am I finished.

In 11 days I drove a 1793 km.

Is this enough information?

Yes I have witnesses.



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