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Video of the Week

Kitebuggy Les Hemmes By Klaus-Peter Schonfeld

Learning to Buggy Tuition – Bigkid Kites

My friend Jeff aka BigKidKites, from across the pond, uses a great set of instructions when he teaches new pupils the ways of the kite buggy, I think there are some important lessons within these rules, that some of us may forget when teaching newbies….well worth a read in my opinion, I will certainly try to remember these […]

FBBT 2013 (Fall Buggy Boogie Thang)

FBBT 2013 Part 2: And the Rains Came Monsoon Season in the Sonoran and Mohave Deserts has a will of its own that simply will not be swayed by the trivial desires of one little Buggy Nut in a remote corner of this vast desert region. Annual rain fall in these environs ranges from 3 […]

Great App for the Phone

Kite Tracker One of the first apps to include Kite Buggying in the list of sports…..and its Free This App allows you not only to check the position of other riders worldwide with their details like speed, average speed, rate of climb, total ascent and descent, altitude, distance, etc. but also to log your […]

Ozone Quantum Buggy Race Kite

The Quantum is the result of intensive research, development  and testing. The design goal was to make an easy-to-fly high  performance race winning land kite. It has been designed to excel in  high level buggy and snowkite races. Team rider Malte Lutz has been involved in developing the new kite and has been using the […]

Video of The Week

Buggy Kite les Hemmes by Alexis Huin Buggy Kite les Hemmes by sas_films

Did You Know

Some Japanese kites weigh over 2 tons

The Kite Park Championships 2013

This weekend at the Essex Kite Park they have put together a great agenda full of competitions for freestyle buggiers who are NOT at the highest level, which is great because for up and coming freestylers, although a whole lot can be learned from the Pros, competing with these guys can possibly be slightly intimidating, […]

Video of the Week

My friend Alex Ferreira, has been tempting me with the fantastic beaches they have on the Brazillian coast for a few years, check out one of his latest videos, what an awesome location


Its that time of the year again, when all the top racing pilots from Europe compete against one another to become the king and Queeen of Kite Buggy Class 8 Racing. The 2013 European Championships of kite buggy Class 8 under FISLY-rules will take place in Germany on the beautiful island of Borkum. The German […]