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Kite Tracker

One of the first apps to include Kite Buggying in the list of sports…..and its Free

Kite Tracker c

This App allows you not only to check the position of other riders worldwide with their details like speed, average speed, rate of climb, total ascent and descent, altitude, distance, etc. but also to log your own session and compare them live with everyone else. With just a push of one single button everything is uploaded to

The Kitetracker App has been designed for kite-, wind- and flying sports but can just as well be used for any other outdoor sports.

The very unique Live-Tracking functionality allows every 5 seconds an up to 1 meter accurate tracking of the app user with speed, altitude, distance, ascent /descent rate and much more! Follow your friends on the App or website You can see live what lines your friends are creating in the snow, how high they have climbed into the sky or how quickly they are gunning the new trail with their bike. The possibilities are endless.

You can also add to your sessions geolocation based photos or once you finished your session share it via Facebook for the world to see. Already uploaded sessions with their data and photos can be accessed from within the App. All uploaded sessions will be added to a global high score list with which you can measure yourself to users worldwide.

The KiteTracker App has the following features: ? GPS Tracking for sport sessions ? GPS Tracking combined with a live tracking system ? Display of all live App users on the map ? List of all Live-App-Users sorted by distance, altitude, rate of climb, speed etc. in a user-friendly list ? Tracking of other users, with current information on speed, distance, altitude, rate of climb and max. values ? The possibility to upload your session Info into the global high score, sorted by sport type and discipline (speed, altitude, rate of climb and a lot more) for the ultimate challenge ? Capture photos with GPS coordinates (geotagging) ? Facebook & e-mail sharing ? Storage, processing and uploading of successful sessions on ? Low battery warning ? Switch between metric (kilometers) and imperial (miles) units

Note: The use of GPS tracking with the LiveTracking feature requires an Internet connection (at least EDGE), the data volumes are very low however the device battery will be strained. Tip: Always ensure that all background apps are closed for maximum battery life! (Double click the large Button, then close all opened Apps). Important: Your battery should always be fully charged before a session. Keep your device as close to your body as possible. The colder a battery gets the less power it has!

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