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New World Record – Furthest Distance Travelled in the Dunes 12hrs

Sand Yeti aka David Lees held this record for a number of year at 182km, but yesterday that record was blown away by Peter Foulkes NZ aka Kitezone Muriwai at the Moose Weekend   Hi Carl We just had a mini Moose weekend in the Dunes, I did the Furthest distance traveled in the Dunes within 12hrs […]

New Female Speed Record for a Dry Lake – Tami Fraser

Tami Fraser recently became the fastest woman on a dry lake bed with a speed of 49.50mph, and almost broke the women world buggy speed record held by Britta Berg G2296 81.50km/h / 50.40mph. Britta’s record was of course set on a beach which as we know is much harder to do with the extra rolling resistance. […]

Stephan Pops the Question, then Makes Dust on the Playa

Brian Holgate has made a great video of Stephan van Bommels recent visit to Ivanpah dry lake Primm, Nevada. Stephan also used his trip there wisely and popped the question to his girlfriend Fon Custers, congratulations to you both from all the buggying community. Brian captured some great footage of Stephan and Bobby Muse creating dust […]