Stephan Pops the Question, then Makes Dust on the Playa

Brian Holgate has made a great video of Stephan van Bommels recent visit to Ivanpah dry lake Primm, Nevada.

Stephan van Bommel & Fon Custers

Stephan van Bommel & Fon Custers

Stephan also used his trip there wisely and popped the question to his girlfriend Fon Custers, congratulations to you both from all the buggying community.

Stephan van Bommel

Brian captured some great footage of Stephan and Bobby Muse creating dust clouds as they race across the playa on their Landsegler Wheels, if you would like to experience some of the same,  you can join them and loads of other kite buggy enthusiasts at the IBX event on March 31st – April 4th 2015, where Stephan’s bugging partner Dirix Mano will be joining him….I was lucky enough to be there the last time these two hit the playa together in 2012….you guys are in for a real treat.


To find out all the details about the IBX check out their new website

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