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24hrs of IBX 2017

A 24 hour montage of Ivanpah dry lake bed during IBX 2017 and the storm that ensued. thanks to HQ Kites & Designs USA

Fastest Kiter on Earth – Respect to Felix Kersten & his Cabrinha Switchblade 6qm

Propably fastest Kiter on Earth!!!! ~142kmh / 88.23mph over 5sec by ski and kite. Comparison against buggying records Modified Buggy Record – 135.34kmh / 84.10mph Brian Holgate USA Standard Race Buggy Record – 133.40km/h / 82.89mph  Arjen Van Der Tol Freestyle Buggy Record – 101.71km/h / 63.20mph Ginge aka Will McKean UK My Mission in Norway was not finished with the […]