Fastest Kiter on Earth – Respect to Felix Kersten & his Cabrinha Switchblade 6qm

Felix Kersten

Propably fastest Kiter on Earth!!!! ~142kmh / 88.23mph over 5sec by ski and kite.

Comparison against buggying records

  • Modified Buggy Record – 135.34kmh / 84.10mph Brian Holgate USA
  • Standard Race Buggy Record – 133.40km/h / 82.89mph  Arjen Van Der Tol
  • Freestyle Buggy Record – 101.71km/h / 63.20mph Ginge aka Will McKean UK

My Mission in Norway was not finished with the win of Redbull ragnarok 2017. I always had the dream to go faster than 120km/h which i did two years before.

So i always was looking for some conditions to do a try. First i tried it on a lake and reached 110km/h by my Ozone r1 v2 7m², but more was not possible. So i thought maybe a tube would be faster. 😀Cabrinha Switchblade 6qm ( don`t know what would be faster in theory ) On flat it was not possible to get on faster. Snow was not flat enough. Then i decided to search for an hill and did some crazy runs. For a second i maybe got 150km/h. (a pitty that i took just one good gps [qstarz 1000xt] device which tracks by every seconds)Didn’t want to change the kite again, because my stay at Halne was 10km away.
The wind was probably around 30kn and i went 50 height meter down.
Big Thanks to Kite-Events for giving me the kite and help by the landing later. Also thanks for the ski Ronny Michael😉

Wind was anything around 30kn and i went~ 50 height meter downhill

Snow was hard but not really flat. Hardest part was to brake because the waterlevel of the lake was low so the ice was up and down.


Next time i need an prepaired ski slope and and maybe someone who films it and makes better clips than me.

I have spoken with Felix who said the gradient was just 50m over the 700m that he covered

On behalf of the Kite buggying community, we salute your great triumph and bravery, this is now the bench mark for every kite powered sport to beat, and I am sure the Buggying community will now be after the title again,


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