Barry Sims Kite Buggying / Videographer

I stumbled upon Barry’s videos on Facebook and was instantly hooked by how they perfectly capture the exhilarating spirit of kite buggying. With 2 1/2 years of buggying under his belt, Barry’s passion shines through every clip. You can join his thrilling journey by watching Barry’s Short Story Movie Video featured in this article and dive deeper into the adventure on his channel, BuggyRider TV.

Barry was telling me about his Youtube Channel Buggy Rider TV

Over 40 videos now on there (June24). I usualy shoot at either Kempsey Kite Club in Wocester or Ainsdale Beach where Ainsdale Wind on Wheels are based. I flick between the two.

On my channel I try and get a video up every other week depending on wind of course. You will see on that channel videos from Kempsey, Ainsdale, Hoylake and even Brancaster Beach. I have been shooting a couple of years now.

The gear I use now includes GoPro, Insta360 and most recently the DJI AVATA 2. I always take time to get the editing right. For a 3 or 4 min video its probably a day of footage and another 4 or 5 hours editing.

Its a very niche sport but the channel is growing slowly. Most of my videos now get a few hundred views. The short story is just about to touch 1900 views.

Here is Barrys latest video

Popeyethewelder and the kite buggying community extend their warmest wishes to Barry, hoping for his continued success and growth in the exciting world of kite buggying. Barry’s dedication to capturing the thrill and beauty of this incredible sport has been an inspiration to many. His videos not only showcase his personal journey but also highlight the vibrant spirit of the kite buggying community. We eagerly look forward to seeing more of his adventurous escapades and artistic creations, knowing that his passion will continue to elevate the sport and bring joy to enthusiasts around the world.

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