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New Carbon Axle & Clamps

I am a sucker for being up to date, and I had watched the development of the carbon buggy axles from Frans Noordhuis, he has a Facebook page worth checking out Carbon Buggy, while you are there check out the amazing stainless inserts made by Andy Man in Wales, believe me I have seem his work, he is […]

Flexx Control System by Xxtreme

The Man behind XXtreme buggies Ruud, never rests, always thinking of ways to advance the kite buggy, there is already a black edition Apexx out now with carbon axle, belly pan and side plates, but the bit I find most interesting the the new Flexx Control system, better explained using the words from Team Xxtreme. The […]

kite buggy compilation, Trips and Tips

Hi There is a new television program in Holland called Trips and Tips , it informs you in all kind of interesting places and activities … We had the opportunity to take part in this first episode . Its Dutch so … you probably don’t understand but I think you know what’s going on ……… […]

Mablethorpe UK Delivers the Easterlies

We dont get many, but when we do we like the welcome the easterly winds gracing Auntie Mables shores, and there is no better way than  to get your kiting gear on the beach at the first opportunity. There was a nice crowd this weekend, probably more freestylers than anything else, and the skills these guys displayed […]

Its been a while since I made a video

Chillout session on a sunny summers afternoon, and the sound track  by my youngest son Daniel Lambert

Xxtreme Popeye

Finaly got the front fender resprayed More photos of the finished fender HERE

New Front Fender for the Apexx Disc Fork

I wanted a fender for my Apexx front disk fork, I search EBay and found this   See more photos and the fender I used HERE

Ohhhh its great to hit the beach again


Apexx & Landsegler

My Apexx with the 100mm Beach Landsegler wheels and the 4 weights I have added Now weighs in at 37kgs

Six Months and Four Days

YES…..Six Months and 4 days….or 188 days….or even 16 million, 234 thousand, and 200 hundred seconds. That’s is the exact time since I had last been in a buggy, and almost the same since I have flown a kite. There have been many reasons for this, health being one of the major factors, and my […]