Balancing Bigfoots

Easy Balance tyre balancing on a Kite Buggy with Bigfoots tyres Testing tyre balance compound from Easybalance on my kite buggy tyres to see if I can improve on the poor quality tyres that I bought from www.cadkat.com The tyres above 43mph are truly bad and disappointing as they are neither round or in any […]

Splitter MK Race, Piece of Mind

If you have never heard of a MK Splitter Race, its not surprising, these marvellous pieces of kit have been kept mainly in Germany. They are the result of Maik Kaminski’s hard work, helped by Gerd Tschampel, it was constructed after a serious OBE, and have been around a few years now, there are approximately […]

Dragonfly carbon products

  Laurent Calatayud, owner of Dranonfly Carbon Products from Marseille, France, is an expert with Carbon Fibre, luckily for the kite buggy world, he is an avid kite buggier himself.             He has used his skills with carbon fiber to produce many products for kite buggiers at remarkably cheap prices.       […]

‘Back Rest’ and Frame…Almost Done

To stiffen the frame up you have a couple of options, you can either put a cross brace inbetween the rear rails or a back rest….I call it a back rest because that is what I make it look like, but in reality, it is not. It is a brace. Buggybag seats offers more than enough […]

Another Cold Day in the Garage

Woke up this morning wanting to work on a buggy, only to find it had snowed all night, my garage like most in the UK offers no heating, another cold day in the garage. More photos HERE

Polishing and More Polishing

This is the process, going from Mill finish (if your buggy is not polished or bead blasted, it will be mill finish) to mirror finish, yes its a long laborious task and yes a very dirty one too, but the rewards are there at the end smiling back at you.   Find out the process […]

More Work on the Forks

The forks continue to take shape, they need to be ready for Mike Kenley for NABX 2013 and the PTW Playa Buggy, these forks will house the Landsegler UL nabx/wet wheels

Someones getting serious


New Front Fender for the Apexx Disc Fork

I wanted a fender for my Apexx front disk fork, I search EBay and found this   See more photos and the fender I used HERE

Flexi Buggy, Harness Attachment Point

Another idea for an attachment point on a Flexi Buggy See more details HERE

Some Flexi Buggy Mods

Modding a Flexi Buggy

Pimp My Flexi Buggy

Pimp My Flexi Buggy By Jerry Hall