Splitter MK Race, Piece of Mind

If you have never heard of a MK Splitter Race, its not surprising, these marvellous pieces of kit have been kept mainly in Germany.

They are the result of Maik Kaminski’s hard work, helped by Gerd Tschampel, it was constructed after a serious OBE, and have been around a few years now, there are approximately 100 currently being successfully used around the world.

MK Splitter Race

MK Splitter Race

They have taken care of everything with the MK Splitter Race, if the kite is out of control, you are in the wrong position or just caught out by a rogue gust and an OBE is about to happen, the MK Splitter Race automatically springs into action, a tether can be pre- set to your required height before the Splitter releases the kite and the pilot, it will also not allow the swivel and snap block to go with the kite.

The moment the tether has reached its maximum length, simultaneously the buggier is released from the tether and the kite is released from the snap block


I have tried my best to translate the website information

A length-adjustable strap (tether) with a carabiner is attached to the swan neck of the buggy. This carabiner is fixed after getting into the buggy into the Red Ring loop.

Before getting out of the buggy, the carabiner is released from the snap block of the MK race. If an OBE (out of buggy experience) from the buggy occurs, the pull-cord (Red belt with carbine) pulls the red ring, the pulley of the splinter of MK race opens and releases the strop between the handles from the system. The pilot will then fall back (from the pre set tether 150-300mm ) into the buggy and the out of control kite is released without any snap block attached, and usually the kite will soon fold up as it is blown down the beach.

The pilot continues to have both hands on the handles and the kite is no longer connected to the MK Race system. The pilot does have the possibility to bring the kite back under control, but if the strain is so enormous that the kite is ripped away, the pilot remains safe and unbroken.

An uncontrollable lift of several metres up is avoided with this system.

Enjoy pilot security at the highest level while buggying, developed by Maik Kaminski, with the support of Gerd Tschampel

Price wise these devices are not cheap at 275 Euros from Kite shop Spirit of The Sky but in my mind worth every euro

There is zero profit made from these MK Splitter Race, these are made and sold at cost price, with top quality German Engineering.

My friend Josh Walsh from the USA, had a serious OBE and returned to work after 87 days….add it up, this system would have avoided all the pain suffering and cost, and this is the reason I have just purchased one myself.

Update :- The Splitter Race took a little while to get used to, I had a few unwanted kite releases, but managed to hold onto the kite each time, I dont use the tether all the time just in very high wind and gusty wind conditions, it gives me a greater sense of being secure with the added security knowing if I do get caught out, I will NOT be lofted and injured. The swivel is the best I have used, and the German manufacturing is what we have come to expect. I have shortened the release arm by 50% as I catch this a couple of time causing a release. I have no hesitation in recommending this product


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