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Video of the Week

Tutorial on the implementation of a manual or auto-width jumper for the pilots of sand yachting (Buggy). This system developed by Rico (the inventor) remains artisanal. It consists of several elements sold separately but whose subtle assembly ensures its own safety

Avoid Serious Head Trauma-Always Wear a Helmet

Any helmet is better than nothing at all, don’t be a fool and try bugging without some form of head protection, its just not worth it. Generally you get what you pay for as with most things, I choose these days to wear Icaro Helmets, super lightweight used by Wingsuit and Paraglider Pilots.

Splitter MK Race, Piece of Mind

If you have never heard of a MK Splitter Race, its not surprising, these marvellous pieces of kit have been kept mainly in Germany. They are the result of Maik Kaminski’s hard work, helped by Gerd Tschampel, it was constructed after a serious OBE, and have been around a few years now, there are approximately […]