Avoid Serious Head Trauma-Always Wear a Helmet

Any helmet is better than nothing at all, don’t be a fool and try bugging without some form of head protection, its just not worth it. Generally you get what you pay for as with most things, I choose these days to wear Icaro Helmets, super lightweight used by Wingsuit and Paraglider Pilots.

Don’t Risk Losing Your GoPro while Buggying

I thought of you guys when a good friend of mine introduced me to this product, he had recently lost his GoPro, without realising the mount had come away from his helmet while riding his motor cycle, he lost his expensive GoPro. He searched the market but could not find exactly what he wanted, so set […]

Having a Clear Out

After 10 years of buying, using and selling kite gear, and seemingly buying more than selling over the years, We have decided to have a good clear out, and make some much needed space We will over the course of the next 4-6 weeks sell all sorts of items, from a Parastorm Buggy, to stainless buggy plates, […]

Icaro 4fight cut integral Helmet review

I took delivery of my new helmet today to use in the kite buggy, it is a paragliding helmet, to replace my RuRoC helmet, and I thought I would write a review of the helmet HERE