Having a Clear Out

After 10 years of buying, using and selling kite gear, and seemingly buying more than selling over the years, We have decided to have a good clear out, and make some much needed space

PTW's EBay Shop

PTW’s EBay Shop

We will over the course of the next 4-6 weeks sell all sorts of items, from a Parastorm Buggy, to stainless buggy plates, from depower and fixed bridle kites to a tow bar device, many kites barely used, some never used.

We will put all the items on EBay, so anyone can bid rather than be limited to a Forum or two, I will place all the items, with a low start price with NO RESERVE, so you could well bag yourself a bargain.


We WILL ship around the world, but will not cost the shipping until the item has been won, We will not inflate shipping prices, Overseas buyer pay the required shipping fee of the auction, then I will contact you for the extra shipping fee.

We will only charge for the shipping and packaging, if overseas buyer would like insured shipping then please state at the end of the action, and we will include that service, unless stated or asked for, Items will be sent the cheapest way I can find.

Do not bid if you have no intention of paying, incliding the shipping costs, which for overseas buyers could be considerable.

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