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Retro Footpegs


  Latest buggy out of the Gaff, this buggy is an amalgamation of a few different buggies, I have though made every part of this buggy, and because of this hybrid, it has been called the PTW THING…it is nearly Halloween right. It has been dressed in its latest Halloween outfit by Buggybags, and protected […]

Re-vamped PTW Buggies

We have spent the last few days going though the pages with PTW Buggies on, and removed most of the gallery images, they were small images, not very good quality, so instead we have picked a few images from each buggy and presented them in a more pleasing way….we hope so anyway. Please click on […]

PTW Eolia

PTW Eolia

The latest buggy from PTW is the PTW Eolia Buggy meaning breath of wind in ancient Greek  

PTW Buggies Poster 2013

Free Poster to anyone who clicks the “Like” tab on PTW Buggies-Think Outside The Box Facebook Page, message me your email address

PTW Wildkat

DIMENSIONS Rear wheel centers 1650mm Front to back wheel centers 1720mm Swan neck 40mm by 40mm Box 3mm wall Side rails 33mm 3mm wall Swinging arms 27mm 3mm wall Plate work 6mm thick Wheels barrows Inspired by The Hugarian Buggiers

‘Back Rest’ and Frame…Almost Done

To stiffen the frame up you have a couple of options, you can either put a cross brace inbetween the rear rails or a back rest….I call it a back rest because that is what I make it look like, but in reality, it is not. It is a brace. Buggybag seats offers more than enough […]

Work on the Buggy Moves Forward

PTW BUGGY Record broken again

Yes, its been broken again, by the resident PTW Buggy ‘Extreme Rider’ RedSkyHorizon, on Christmas Eve, on the narrowest of beaches for this type of speed run, with a 15 minute window of opportunity, he was there again with an amazing PTW Buggy Record of 106.00 kmh / 65.80mph. Using the PTW Dominator 4   […]

Big ones and Little ones

Set 4 of 5 Sets…..the Nike Tick Forks

We have now made the forth of the five sets of Nike Tick fork plates More photos HERE

Is there kite buggying on Formentera?

Not the first place you would think of for kite buggying FYI – Formentera  is the smaller and more southerly island of the Pitiusic Islands group (comprising Ibiza and Formentera, as well as various small islets), which belongs to the Balearic Islands (Spain). A while back I was asked by Alberto Borja Mena to make […]

Progression….. PTW Buggies

Time continues, things move forward, technology advances. The advancement of kite buggies has moved forward in leap and bounds during the last few years, its exciting times. XXtreme were the first to develop the double bend side rails, then all the top race buggy makers followed suit, it isn’t until you try a buggy with […]

Cougar Kite Bike

   PTW Cougar Bike

PTW Buggies

    PTW Buggies

Leading Link

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