Is there kite buggying on Formentera?

Not the first place you would think of for kite buggying


FYI – Formentera  is the smaller and more southerly island of the Pitiusic Islands group (comprising Ibiza and Formentera, as well as various small islets), which belongs to the Balearic Islands (Spain).

A while back I was asked by Alberto Borja Mena to make the back end of a buggy for him, he lives on the island of Formentera and his buggy had come to the end of its life, he only wanted the back end as his forks were still ok. This was around the time I was developing the PTW Playa Buggy, the one I took to NABX 2012.


PTW Beach Buggy

About a year later Alberto asked for the front end too to complete his PTW buggy, as you will know the word PLAYA in Spanish means beach, so Alberto always calls his buggy the PTW Beach Buggy, it was made with a very similar construction to the Playa buggy, the same side rails and plate configuration.

I am very honoured to have a buggy on the Balleric Islands, this adds to quite a list of countries now that have a PTW buggy.


So the answer to the question is there kite buggying on Formentera…..the answer is HELL YES

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