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NK Race 1 KiteBuggy Season 2012/2013

Cracking video by RoVa

Sand on my Wheels

Video from my recent trip to Mablethorpe Sep 2012  

Kite Buggy World Championships 2010 at De Panne, Belgium

Almost 80 pilots creating this spectacular start in race 3, shot by Simon Arlott

Did you know…

The world record for the longest ‘kite fly’ is 180 hours.

Is this the best Buggy location in the world…?

Take a ride across the Alvord Desert. uncut and stripped down, just you and the Playa! The Alvord Desert is around 84 square miles of dry lake bed. our trip across was across the width, I’m afraid the length would take all day to cross. our line was a slight c shape as we got […]

Making a Mudguard

Martin F has kindly shared how he made his fine looking mudguard To see how Martin made this click HERE

PTW Buggy Breaks the 100km/h Barrier

Well have have to say, I am almost as proud as if I had done it myself, but the fact is Tom aka RedSkyHorizon broke the 100km/h barrier using the Dominator 4 buggy today, Tom himself has already been much faster as he continues his quest to become the fastest kite buggier in the world on sand. […]

Congratulations to Stephan van Bommel

He said he would…..with a 18 month rest from racing, Stephan van Bommel is back. I was literally blown away by the big mans kite buggy skills a NABX 11 and even more so at the event in 2012. When he said he was getting back into racing, I was excited a the prospect, I could not […]

Sand on my Wheels

Well, it been a while again, my last trip after traveling North West to Bolton Le Sands was a complete wash out, and a complete waste of £70 worth of diesel, I felt like I was chomping at the bit to get out again, it must be about 6 weeks since my wheels touched the […]

Warriors of the World….

buggy kite 4 Manowar……Great fun guys, great fun especially the ending

This back rest really could save your back…!!

Gannet aka Kitezone Muriwai has kindly shared his very simple but very effective backrest I’m sharing this system so our sport gets a little safer, it might just save somebodies spine one day See how he put it together HERE and in Projects

Did you know….

The longest kite in the world is 1034 metres (3394 ft).

Which kite is capable of breaking the world speed kite buggy record?

Get involved, have your say or if you do not use Facebook send your comments via CONTACT and I will post them for you. You can also follow the answers and comments via the Q & A in the right hand column Kite, which one can break the world record The Peter Lynn Vapor at the […]

A Good Day To Die

Fantastic editing and buggying skills from charles A Good Day To Die from charles on Vimeo.

Yet another great buggy video from Marc Gas

Session at Les Hemmes buggy kite hd 12 2012 from marc.g on Vimeo.  

Railways blames kite ‘strings’ for train delays

Not really buggy related but interesting non the less The Times of India reports KOLKATA: The arrival of Vishwakarma Puja has made Eastern Railway officials busy. They are now racking their brains over how to tackle the menace of kite strings, which often get entangled with railway overhead wires and cause power to trip, thus […]

Dominator 4 – Photoshoot

As far as I am concerned if any buggy deserved a photo shoot it was the Dominator 4, Tom aka RedSkyHorizon arranged a photo shoot with a local photographer, then with his permission, I worked some photo-shop magic on his already great shots. See more of the photo shoot HERE

Landsegler Wheels, some science

WHERE EVERY GRAM DOES COUNT More reasons why Landsegler wheels and light years ahead of their rivals, to Landsegler this is not about just rushing in, copying or taking short cuts into supplying disc wheels to the masses. These are the formula 1 of kite buggy disc wheels, years of science and testing have gone […]

Remembering 9/11 Fallen Hero’s

Today 11 years ago the world changed, everyone can remember those horrific scenes on every TV station around the World     The attacks in America on 9/11 resulted in the death of 2,996 people and of those a total of 411 emergency workers died as they tried to rescue people and fight fires. My tribute […]

Ohhh nooooo, RAIN

It had been planned for over a month, the weekend of 7,8 & 9th Sep 2012, the thread on the racekites forum had buzzed for weeks, the facebook meet thread had also been buzzing with excitement…..I was really looking forward to this weekend. My youngest sons 22nd Birthday is on the 7th, so that would mean […]

Ivanpah…..wet Lake-bed

With the recent torrential downpours around Las Vegas recently the streets were not the only place to suffer from flooding, just take a look at Brian Holgates photo of Ivanpah, the home of wind powered speed records and home to NABX, normally seen dry as a bone. We need not worry though, as this water […]