Congratulations to Stephan van Bommel

He said he would…..with a 18 month rest from racing, Stephan van Bommel is back.

I was literally blown away by the big mans kite buggy skills a NABX 11 and even more so at the event in 2012. When he said he was getting back into racing, I was excited a the prospect, I could not wait to see how this fantastically gifted kite buggier would fair against and already very strong Dutch team.

We did not have to wait long after heading to the Dutch Championships this last weekend, he came away with first place, a great result after 18 month lay off.

With 5 rounds held over two days, Stephan managed to take 3 first places which puts him in the lead of the Dutch championship

I wish Stephan continued success, all the very best

He said he would……and he did

Photos courtesy facebook

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