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PTW Viper

Criteria For Guinness to Recognise a Kite Buggy World Record

If you wish to make an ‘OFFICIAL’ Kite Buggy World Record, this is the criteria you will need to follow, please download the criteria from Guinness World Records below Guinness – kite buggy – fastest speed World Record Evidence Required As we all know as a kiting community, Brian Holgate USA, holds the ‘unofficial’ world speed […]

Brian Holgate Raises Kite Buggying Profile Again

Part of the article from “My whole drive on all this is I want to have the record videotaped. I want  to have it documented properly and be the first person to put it in the ‘Guinness Book of World Records,’” Holgate said. “That will kind of redeem  myself, not so much for them, but […]

Some lovely Buggying Photos from Chachalas Beach in México

Photos by Hector FG

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Swan Neck

  Few more photos HERE

The Long Winter

I don’t know if it’s me just getting older, or the winters getting longer, but this one in the UK seems to be dragging on forever. I remember years ago when I started buggying, there were around 15-25 of us local to me, we would meet up every weekend at a local buggy spot inland, […]

Photo of the Week

Video of the Week

Kite Buggy Freestyle by Josh Hough

No Barriers 13 – The UK Event of the Year

Find out more details and registration form on FACEBOOK, but be quick, the tickets are selling fast