Brian Holgate Raises Kite Buggying Profile Again

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“My whole drive on all this is I want to have the record videotaped. I want  to have it documented properly and be the first person to put it in the ‘Guinness Book of World Records,’” Holgate said. “That will kind of redeem  myself, not so much for them, but for me.”

Out on the lake bed, Holgate drags his dust-covered buggy onto the desert  floor. A water bottle is duct-taped to the seat to form a makeshift headrest,  and a Gatorade bottle is taped to the bottom to prop up the seat. The buggy sits  just a half-inch off the ground and is perfectly designed to cut through the  wind.

Brian Holgate photo by Steve Marcus

Brian Holgate photo by Steve Marcus

When Holgate pulls out his sprawling kite, his friend and fellow kite-buggier  Bobby Muse teases him.

“What’s that?”

Muse says with a grin.

It’s not just about flying the kite so that it catches the wind; it’s about  finding the right angles, Holgate explained. It takes practice but also a  natural feel for where the wind is going to be to get the maximum output.

“I can feel the kite, feel where it’s at and how much power it has and what I  need to slow down or speed up,” Holgate said.

Holgate is one of only 38 people who have ever gone faster than 62 mph,  according to kite buggy website

“It’s amazing to watch (people riding kite buggies), especially Brian,” said  Holgate’s friend Steve Holeman. “It’s amazing what he can do on that thing.”

By Brian Nordli

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